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ring he blue word above to pay attention to us! VETEMENTS asks what brands are most concerned about in the near future? Vetements! Ask what is the most recent brand? Vetements! Why? You listen to me one by one # Vetements # said to name it Vetements you may be a bit stupid but! 2016,
if you still dont know what vetements is,
then youre really moving away from the bandwagon! Vetements is the first time that they played tricks small plum head sweater,
it can be said that Oscar prize not only round the small plum dream,
but also the achievements of Vetements.
this sweater sold out! Vetements also completely fire! This is it!! Is it the impression from the French Vetement overall a comfortable style,
casual and elegant bearing,
the most characteristic is that it marks the long sleeve,
the irregular cut and the appearance of oversize.
similar to XXXL yards clothes on the factory ~ although Vetements is only two years old,
but his explosion effect in the fashion world really can not be ign