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What are we talking about when we talk about protecting our children?

ring e of education is the self cultivation of parents.
Protecting children is also defending their innocence.
Parents always think they know what is best for children,
think of themselves so that decision is in the protection of children,
we think children should be what kind,
and then think like a way to deal with children,
it is very terrible parenting attitude.
What kind of protection does a child really need? Sense of security is the foundation of parent-child relationship,
so that children know that you always support and protect him,
that is,
to give him the initial sense of security in life.
A persons relationship with his parents in childhood influences his adult character,
marriage and relationships,
and even his career.
He gets married and has children and gets along with his children.
Parenthood determines the beginning of life.
Take some time every day to read stories with him,
take some days off every month,
take the children,
the family,
and go on a trip,
they are enhancing the emoti