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Traffic jams can be more fuel-efficient, really, as long as you do

ring  bus or car,
traffic jam really makes people very upset.
Its not just time,
its money to stop and go! Xiaobian compiled some traffic jam,
fuel-efficient methods to share with you.
One trick: within 1 minutes of traffic jams,
no flameout and not all traffic must turn off the engine flameout,
the best long time,
within 1 minutes you can do this: a manual car hanging into neutral,
pull the handbrake; moving car: in the N block,
pull the handbrake.
Tip two: refuse to empty the accelerator,
start quickly,
some drivers always slam the brakes,
start quickly and slam the brakes again.
As everyone knows,
this will not only make passengers uncomfortable,
but also fuel consumption.
General rapid start,
fuel consumption at about 10 milliliters.
The air throttle of a fuel consumption in about 6 ml,
such consumption down,
do not know a year how much money! Tip three: keep the distance from the front of the car.
On the road,
keep the distance from the front of the car,
so you can use less braking.
It is safe