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Stay away from negative energy friends

ring  of green can listen to audio - - - anchor millet read the | into the river 1 whales do not know if you have not met with friends of negative energy? Xiao Yao and I met at a friends party,
because there have been few similar experiences,
so we became friends.
At that time,
she just graduated and went into a company.
She talks to me almost every day,
without exception,
complaining to me about my unhappy job.
The monthly report to the customer is a problem,
but the boss did not timely audit responsibility pushed to her; she could not understand the elite colleagues seems to research on high degree students,
from time to time to dig at her; and the old staff to complete the task,
the other nianqingpazhong,
thought she did not understand the situation,
deliberately put 7/10 of the tasks are sent to her; there is often a temporary task,
she even ask for leave should always take the computer,
because the boss will be at any time to send a task to her.
At first,
I felt very distressed for her.