chrome hearts

If Wu Tianming was still alive so you will praise you bainiaozhaofeng

ring tertainment Zhuangao (text / Yang Shiyang) movie is starting from a set of commemorative tidbits,
continue with gratitude and respect for Zhang Yimou and Martin Scosese to Wu Tianming.
From the opening out of the ordinary,
is bound to be a bainiaozhaofeng tone,
compared to the normal release of the story,
this release is more like a memorial in cinema special.
Wu Tianming is worthy of respect,
from the personality charm to the China film restructuring period for the fifth generation of courage,
and promote the overall sense,
he has contributed,
whats more,
he also has not set aside personal creation.
respect and remember a person is one thing,
the quality evaluation of his work is another matter,
even if it is late.
From the works of the body,
bainiaozhaofeng is not good,
even not enough on the medium level.
From the story,
this is a very old topic,
if it is put in the early 1990s period when social transformation,
this could be a step with the times,
to accurately grasp the heart.