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Female stars know most about waistline rising, 5cm thigh thin, 5kg scheming put on

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because on the road wear,
wear a good figure than fashionably dressed more important! This is especially true for female stars.
In a cruel lens,
small faults can be magnified a hundred times.
Compared to other shortcomings,
miss big thinks leg thickness is a more difficult problem.
And how are the female stars solved? Thick thighs pelvis wide mouth: on the left is the middle-aged demoralization decadent aunt,
on the right is the radiant beauty temperament; the calf and no ankle Lily Collins: on the left is not off the baby fat girl,
right is a beauty and princess; and poor leg shape enormous Gloria Tang: on the left with the anchor the poor: the right needle make a living away from home,
is the rising popularity of the goddess singer; leg muscle i