chrome hearts

Don't make it difficult for the baby. After the A4 waist, the wrist is loaded with water. The battle is over again

ring the A4 waist,
I6 legs,
a dollar coin hand,
a new round of dazzling hand wars began quietly: wrist nest loaded with water! Is simply the handle after a fist flat,
filled with water in the hollow place wrist.
Xiaobian immediately sharp eyed discovered a pair of hand! A little net friend says,
not the same water nest,
calculate? Like the brain the most lovely baby three hole.
Some netizens said,
I do not need to fill the nest,
you can prove yourself thin? Still have net friend asked,
that such water calculate? What do you say??? Some net friends water nest has already been able to raise goldfish!!! Some netizens can be regarded as winners in life!!! Some netizens have ushered in a new trend ---- standing eggs! Everyone has dazzle hands at the same time,
there are friends sad to say: I do not have A4 waist,
I do not have the backhand,
can touch the navel arm,
no coin clavicle,
no more water wrist nest.
Do not embarrass the baby,
the baby heart is tired.
Here in the evening to Jun said,
we und