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Dare not wear the buttocks to the chest, Japanese delusion series T-shirt, and then new works

ring he all Japanese fan community (ID:iJapan520).
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Did you make it? Now the community Jun top,
please click on the home page at the upper right corner of the icon head! Do not know if you remember the Japanese creative brand ekoD Works,
after they have launched a variety of design products caused a sensation in the network,
such as the deep V jump cleavage necklace,
when the girls take the necklace,
pendant on the villain seemed to leap,
fly to the mysterious mountain in between.
And this chest T-shirt,
clearly just a T-shirt,
printed on a special pattern after it became one of the highlights,
dewcap design makes man lost.
Today is the new brand of open chest T-shirt designed by this creative brand.
This time they launched a total of nine new t-shirts,
the color is different,
the results are the same show,
both men and women can find their favorite style yo ~ of course,
the most notable is the Kao milk t-shirt.
I put my ass on my chest.