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Three dads, three out of Chen Haibin, Zhu Geliang

ring n,
in the cloud (cloud candy) founder,
father of three co-founder and vice president of dark horse camp,
two students.
Activities: 2016,
May 5th,
learn APP online sharing class,
as a partner,
reviewed by the activities of the first full version of the licensing notes.
Note: Note: no man depth 2269 words | 3 minutes reading reading business evolution,
is the competition for resources; as far as possible into the core resources in line with the direction of the circle; looking for a partner: work with logic method,
have perseverance,
in 2835 years,
experience basis,
or had been successful some aspects of success,
with continuous learning ability,
eager to seize the opportunity,
the clear goal,
do not tangle.
Where is he? Everyone could be your goal.
Your heart and ideals are big,
desire is small,
pursuit of success in business,
and by the way,
become rich.
Whole network first full text of the first,
entrepreneurship to choose the right direction,
I understand the business is to choose t

Target, GD and new money day Kanye love Victor adorable I also want a few

ring he blue word above to pay attention to us! VETEMENTS asks what brands are most concerned about in the near future? Vetements! Ask what is the most recent brand? Vetements! Why? You listen to me one by one # Vetements # said to name it Vetements you may be a bit stupid but! 2016,
if you still dont know what vetements is,
then youre really moving away from the bandwagon! Vetements is the first time that they played tricks small plum head sweater,
it can be said that Oscar prize not only round the small plum dream,
but also the achievements of Vetements.
this sweater sold out! Vetements also completely fire! This is it!! Is it the impression from the French Vetement overall a comfortable style,
casual and elegant bearing,
the most characteristic is that it marks the long sleeve,
the irregular cut and the appearance of oversize.
similar to XXXL yards clothes on the factory ~ although Vetements is only two years old,
but his explosion effect in the fashion world really can not be ign

Female stars know most about waistline rising, 5cm thigh thin, 5kg scheming put on

ring e has been written by the author: MissCharming authorized to use.
Would you like to hear more about MissCharming? Welcome to search micro signal: misscharminglady public number: miss MissCharming always earnestly to explain a variety of body dress,
because on the road wear,
wear a good figure than fashionably dressed more important! This is especially true for female stars.
In a cruel lens,
small faults can be magnified a hundred times.
Compared to other shortcomings,
miss big thinks leg thickness is a more difficult problem.
And how are the female stars solved? Thick thighs pelvis wide mouth: on the left is the middle-aged demoralization decadent aunt,
on the right is the radiant beauty temperament; the calf and no ankle Lily Collins: on the left is not off the baby fat girl,
right is a beauty and princess; and poor leg shape enormous Gloria Tang: on the left with the anchor the poor: the right needle make a living away from home,
is the rising popularity of the goddess singer; leg muscle i

If Wu Tianming was still alive so you will praise you bainiaozhaofeng

ring tertainment Zhuangao (text / Yang Shiyang) movie is starting from a set of commemorative tidbits,
continue with gratitude and respect for Zhang Yimou and Martin Scosese to Wu Tianming.
From the opening out of the ordinary,
is bound to be a bainiaozhaofeng tone,
compared to the normal release of the story,
this release is more like a memorial in cinema special.
Wu Tianming is worthy of respect,
from the personality charm to the China film restructuring period for the fifth generation of courage,
and promote the overall sense,
he has contributed,
whats more,
he also has not set aside personal creation.
respect and remember a person is one thing,
the quality evaluation of his work is another matter,
even if it is late.
From the works of the body,
bainiaozhaofeng is not good,
even not enough on the medium level.
From the story,
this is a very old topic,
if it is put in the early 1990s period when social transformation,
this could be a step with the times,
to accurately grasp the heart.

Traffic jams can be more fuel-efficient, really, as long as you do

ring  bus or car,
traffic jam really makes people very upset.
Its not just time,
its money to stop and go! Xiaobian compiled some traffic jam,
fuel-efficient methods to share with you.
One trick: within 1 minutes of traffic jams,
no flameout and not all traffic must turn off the engine flameout,
the best long time,
within 1 minutes you can do this: a manual car hanging into neutral,
pull the handbrake; moving car: in the N block,
pull the handbrake.
Tip two: refuse to empty the accelerator,
start quickly,
some drivers always slam the brakes,
start quickly and slam the brakes again.
As everyone knows,
this will not only make passengers uncomfortable,
but also fuel consumption.
General rapid start,
fuel consumption at about 10 milliliters.
The air throttle of a fuel consumption in about 6 ml,
such consumption down,
do not know a year how much money! Tip three: keep the distance from the front of the car.
On the road,
keep the distance from the front of the car,
so you can use less braking.
It is safe

Stay away from negative energy friends

ring  of green can listen to audio - - - anchor millet read the | into the river 1 whales do not know if you have not met with friends of negative energy? Xiao Yao and I met at a friends party,
because there have been few similar experiences,
so we became friends.
At that time,
she just graduated and went into a company.
She talks to me almost every day,
without exception,
complaining to me about my unhappy job.
The monthly report to the customer is a problem,
but the boss did not timely audit responsibility pushed to her; she could not understand the elite colleagues seems to research on high degree students,
from time to time to dig at her; and the old staff to complete the task,
the other nianqingpazhong,
thought she did not understand the situation,
deliberately put 7/10 of the tasks are sent to her; there is often a temporary task,
she even ask for leave should always take the computer,
because the boss will be at any time to send a task to her.
At first,
I felt very distressed for her.

What are we talking about when we talk about protecting our children?

ring e of education is the self cultivation of parents.
Protecting children is also defending their innocence.
Parents always think they know what is best for children,
think of themselves so that decision is in the protection of children,
we think children should be what kind,
and then think like a way to deal with children,
it is very terrible parenting attitude.
What kind of protection does a child really need? Sense of security is the foundation of parent-child relationship,
so that children know that you always support and protect him,
that is,
to give him the initial sense of security in life.
A persons relationship with his parents in childhood influences his adult character,
marriage and relationships,
and even his career.
He gets married and has children and gets along with his children.
Parenthood determines the beginning of life.
Take some time every day to read stories with him,
take some days off every month,
take the children,
the family,
and go on a trip,
they are enhancing the emoti

She lost 300 pounds of meat, out of the fat prison, which was originally a inspirational story, however

ring  to say that this weight loss story style and not too different from those before before are inspirational,
counter attack to become a winner in life story.
Today this sister after losing weight is not happy.
She managed to slim down after the husband.
! Open! Heart! Well,
the sisters call Laura,
she originally weighs 270 kilograms,
feel so fat,
should not find the other half? Not only were they married,
but also her husband was very fond of her! Her husband called Joey,
according to his words.
first met Laura deeply for her.
weight for them is not a problem.
I just love such a texture girls married.
Sister because of obesity has been unable to get out of bed,
almost no work.
To follow around.
and also enjoy care,
life can not take care of the sisters.
Thats all right! She knew the sweet obsession.
home snacks have never broken.
But sister.
But less wellness.
The doctor.
Have to stomach surgery to help he

Don't make it difficult for the baby. After the A4 waist, the wrist is loaded with water. The battle is over again

ring the A4 waist,
I6 legs,
a dollar coin hand,
a new round of dazzling hand wars began quietly: wrist nest loaded with water! Is simply the handle after a fist flat,
filled with water in the hollow place wrist.
Xiaobian immediately sharp eyed discovered a pair of hand! A little net friend says,
not the same water nest,
calculate? Like the brain the most lovely baby three hole.
Some netizens said,
I do not need to fill the nest,
you can prove yourself thin? Still have net friend asked,
that such water calculate? What do you say??? Some net friends water nest has already been able to raise goldfish!!! Some netizens can be regarded as winners in life!!! Some netizens have ushered in a new trend ---- standing eggs! Everyone has dazzle hands at the same time,
there are friends sad to say: I do not have A4 waist,
I do not have the backhand,
can touch the navel arm,
no coin clavicle,
no more water wrist nest.
Do not embarrass the baby,
the baby heart is tired.
Here in the evening to Jun said,
we und

Dare not wear the buttocks to the chest, Japanese delusion series T-shirt, and then new works

ring he all Japanese fan community (ID:iJapan520).
Heres everything you want to know about Japan.
Did you make it? Now the community Jun top,
please click on the home page at the upper right corner of the icon head! Do not know if you remember the Japanese creative brand ekoD Works,
after they have launched a variety of design products caused a sensation in the network,
such as the deep V jump cleavage necklace,
when the girls take the necklace,
pendant on the villain seemed to leap,
fly to the mysterious mountain in between.
And this chest T-shirt,
clearly just a T-shirt,
printed on a special pattern after it became one of the highlights,
dewcap design makes man lost.
Today is the new brand of open chest T-shirt designed by this creative brand.
This time they launched a total of nine new t-shirts,
the color is different,
the results are the same show,
both men and women can find their favorite style yo ~ of course,
the most notable is the Kao milk t-shirt.
I put my ass on my chest.